Monday, May 22, 2017

A Welcome to the New Edwin Wolf 2nd Director

2017 Director's Reception

As the new Director of the Library Company, Dr. Michael Barsanti understands that “shareholders are the foundation of our great institution.” More than fifty shareholders came together on April 27, 2017, to welcome Dr. Barsanti as the next Edwin Wolf 2nd Director. He expressed his dedication and commitment to the mission, history, and future of our historic library created by Benjamin Franklin, an institution that was designed to ensure that everyone has access to knowledge and education through the acquisition of literature and books. More important than the acquisition of historic materials are the communal conversations and personal interactions that occur within the walls of our institution. These conversations harken back to the days of the Junto and the origins of our great library.  As an institution dedicated to the concept that “knowledge is power,” our scholars, curators, and shareholders continue to discover and discuss the important issues of the past as they relate to their impact on present and future generations. The Library Company’s future is steeped in our ability to continue to inspire our scholars to explore history, literature and the arts while also working with them to create new and innovative ways for interpretation and expression.  Dr. Barsanti expressed his gratitude and excitement to contribute to these important conversations that continue within the walls of Benjamin Franklin’s Library. 

Raechel Hammer
Chief Development Officer

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