Friday, November 14, 2014

LCP’s Digital Guestbook

Thanks to a simple online form builder called JotForm, visitors are now able to sign in to the Library Company electronically.  For fellows who come in and out several times a day, for a period of weeks, the convenience and time savings is enormous.  And the efficiency of gathering information about who uses the collections and visits the public exhibitions, how, and why has increased exponentially.

The process of reader registration—formerly involving completion of a lengthy form by hand—has also been put online, allowing for more efficiency and better record-keeping.  We somehow think that Ben would have smiled on our embrace of simple, functional technology to make everyone’s life a little easier—and give them all more time to make discoveries in the Reading Room and galleries! 

For those who are just not ready to make the plunge, however, there will always be a bound paper guestbook at the Front Desk.  

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