Friday, January 13, 2012

Help Put Us on the Map!

In 2011 the Library Company received a bequest that included 96 rare and extraordinary maps from the estate of Robert L. McNeil, Jr. In 2012 the Library Company will make high resolution digital images of those documents and catalog them using geolocation information to enable the maps to have a wide variety of uses on-line—and we would like your help. 

Among the maps that will be made available to scholars around the world through this process are:

·         William Berry’s North America Divided into Its Principall Parts from approximately 1681—the first map to identify Pennsylvania on the North American continent. 
·         William Faden’s Plan of the Operations of General Washington, against the Kings Troops in New Jersey, from the 26th of December 1776 to the 3rd January 1777 which details the ten days following Washington’s historic crossing of the Delaware River and the march to Princeton. 

Can you help put us on the map?

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